Venture 1 The scene of Westfrisia

Research questions:

1. How was the physical scene of West Frisia organized, how could it have been able to it create somewhere around 2000 and 800 cal BC?

2. Which parts were favored for settlement?

3. Which limitations and opportunities did it offer individuals?

Materials and strategies: For the remaking of the scene around destinations, existing coring information will be re-evaluated, particularly those that were gathered for the dirt reviews of Ente (1963). The dirt study information are in simple arrangement present in the Alterra chronicles in Wageningen and at DINO (Deltares).

These information will be gone up against with new 14C-dates, laser altimetry based stature estimations of the Netherlands (AHN) and infrared satellite pictures. The proposed scientist in the venture, drs. W. van Zijverden, has already created and utilized this technique effectively as a part of the NWO-Malta harvest extend The Bronze Age in the Dutch stream zone (cf. Arnoldussen 2008).

Coring information and beach front recreations for different parts of the North Ocean bowl and palaeo-environmental information will be examined in attachment so as to improve understanding in the climatic change and ocean level ascent along the southern North Ocean.

The information for the examination of occupied regions are accessible in the national database ARCHIS, additionally through the study and remote detecting information. A broad file of aeronautical photos gathered by dr. (Metz 1993) is in no time being digitized and will be made accessible to the undertaking through the kindness of dr. Metz and the provincial archeologists Bartels and Soonius.