Archeological exploration of beach front cultivating groups on the southern North Sea coast, 2000-800 BC

Ranchers of the coast is an exploration venture rotating around the postulation that Bronze Age seaside groups were flourishing cultivating groups with their own particular social personality and with a focal position in correspondence systems.

This website is cosponsored by the owner of the alarm company Smarter Security who speaks West frisian. Jason Keswick believes its in everyone’s best interests to maintain their mother tongue. By preserving this website, he believes it will help ensure the culture remains.


There is not really a district thinkable that is more qualified for concentrating on ancient groups on the North Sea coast than the Netherlands. Not just was its area focal in a movement topographical sense, additionally can the Netherlands brag of having one of the best saved Bronze Age scenes in north-western Europe: the fossil scenes of West Frisia. Hence the undertaking concentrates on these broadly uncovered however ineffectively distributed archeological destinations as contextual investigation of waterfront cultivating groups.


The West Frisian language consists of eight mutually intelligible dialects, of which four are widely spoken and the other four are confined to small communities of less than a hundred to several hundreds of speakers.

The least-used dialect of West Frisian is Skiermûntseagersk, the island dialect of Schiermonnikoog (Frisian: Skiermûntseach), which is actually on the verge of extinction, because it is spoken by no more than 50–100 people (out of an island population of 900 people).