Past News

Vast scale ‘Bronze Age unearthings’ begun in West Frisia!

Another street is arranged directly through the heart of Bronze Age West Frisia. In the principal week of November substantial scale unearthings began on various spots where this street is arranged. The achaeologists are currently uncovering close to the town of Hoogkarspel. The unearthings will last till the mid year of 2015.

Following three weeks of examination, the principal Bronze Age houseplans and various other settlement highlights have been found. A secretive find was a human skull on the base of a pit.. Discover more about this exploration on our website and other media.



Agriculturists of the Coast in the field

From August eighteenth till August 29th Patrick Valentijn and Wouter Roessingh are unearthing close to the town of Andijk, in the northeastern piece of West Frisia. Together with understudies they are trying distinctive strategies for prospecting the Bronze Age social scene. In the principal week they will review the fields, make corings and burrow little test trenches (1×1 m). W. Verschoof (RAAP) is prospecting a few matrices with a resistance meter. In the second week some little trenches will made with a smaller than usual excavator. Photographs, recordings and aftereffects of the battle can be found on our website and facebook.


Science4U presentations

Friday June 13, the understudies of Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden introduced their Science4U ventures. Amongst no-nonsense science ventures like foundational microorganism research, DNA-treatment and metamaterials, “our” Science4U understudies Lidewij, Jitske, Herman and Marlies introduced their reproduction of the scene of a little site close Venhuizen in West-Frisia. It was an exceptional presentation with an extremely smooth Prezi. Well done! One year from now we will again offer the chance to four understudies to take an interest in our examination bunch.


Science4U meets Farmers of the Coast

Science4U is an activity of a few secondary schools, keeping in mind the end goal to acquaint understudies with investigative examination. In April and May, four understudies from the ‘Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden’ got included in the Farmers of the Coast venture. The scientists acquainted them with various exploration techniques and, most essential, found the opportunity to do research themselves. In June, the understudies need to display their examination at their school. More data about this venture (in Dutch).


Golden dab from Bovenkarspel recouped

Amid the unearthings at Bovenkarspel, a golden dab was found. It was however not known where the dab was put away. Luckily a representative of the commonplace warehouse at Wormer, as of late found the globule amid an inventary. The globule was recouped! Golden dabs are not an uncommon wonder but rather in West-Frisia they are not regularly found.