Questions For Research

The undertaking has several general objectives, which are being talked about in four sub-ventures:

The point of this undertaking is to explore Bronze Age wetland groups along the southern North Sea coast.

1. What were the natural states of the dynamic wetlands along the southern North Sea and how did seaside improvement when all is said in done occur in the Bronze Age (between c. 2000 and 800 cal BC)? Whatever degree did the physical and biotic scene decide conceivable outcomes for residence, subsistence, availability and contacts?

2. How was the social scene composed? How were settlements organized and how were ranches, arable area, touching grounds, barren wilderness, graveyards arranged concerning one another?

3. What was the subsistence economy of seaside groups? What were their cultivating and perhaps chasing hones? How could they have been able to they consolidate arable cultivating and stockbreeding into a maintainable type of agribusiness more than a few several years?

4. Which parts of material society, rehearses and perhaps at the same time belief system are specific for seaside (wetland) groups? Can we distinguish signs for a focal position in correspondence systems of merchandise and individuals along the coast?